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CEOs & Influencers

I have helped executives and business owners gain insight into their intention, motivation, and goals, as well as the obstacles that keep them from achieving what they want. I inspire them to tap into more knowledge, intuition, energy, and purpose to fuel their days and give them peaceful rest at night. 

Meet Donna Toufer Berns, M.A., L.M.F.T., D.C.H.

As a clinical psychotherapist, I provide individual therapy, couple’s therapy, and family therapy.  The depth of my experience includes:  treating anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, marital conflicts, loss and difficulty with self-esteem.  

During our process, we will explore emotions and relationships that impact your lives. Together we will clarify the development of thoughts and feelings and understand how they shape the decisions clients make. 


By listening empathetically and non-judgmentally, I utilize different orientations that I believe to be appropriate for each individual in any given session or use the process of therapy for you to gain deeper insight and to grow.

A brief history on the aspects of my clinical observations: 

  • In 1993, my graduate study research training included an internship at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute and Hospital, where I was working with parents who had difficulty coping with serious problems such as incest, rape, and who may have possessed chronic psychological and emotional problems. I also worked with Geriatric patients suffering from an array of physical aliments, as well as various psychiatric conditions.  

  • In 1995, worked as a Research Assistant on a project for Dream Interpretation at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute interpreted dreams of many different personalities, including: musicians, nurses, painter, lawyers, etc. 

  • In 1996, I worked at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute in a project on facial behavior and emotion, by observing depressed and non-depressive subjects and their response to pleasant and unpleasant situations, in both social and solitary context. 

  • In 1996, I received my Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH) from American Institute of Hypnotherapy. 

  • From 1996. I was certified as an Anger Resolution Therapist by the Center for Anger Resolution, INC. 

  • And for many years, I also worked at a foster agency with children who were placed in foster care due to their parents’ physical, emotional abuse, or drug addiction. I conducted home studies and therapy for the children, their foster parents, potential adoptive parents, and biological parents. Additionally, I conducted home studies for potential adoptive parents and therapy for potential adoptive children.  

  • In 2019, I completed an externship on Focused Therapy (EFT) with Nancy Gardner, Ph.D.   



My tenets of clinical observation and commitment: 

  • I view therapy as a collaborative relationship in which my goal is to help you ‘achieve balance and power’ in your life, whether it be managing and overcoming symptoms of a mental health issue,  accomplishing life goals, expanding self-awareness, creating a stronger marital bond, or reaching contentment and satisfaction in your life. 

  • I will collaborate with clients to overcome current obstacles and cultivate the tools necessary to face challenges that may lie ahead. My goal for you is to increase insight; resulting in improved emotional satisfaction, self-confidence, and maintaining healthy relationships.  

  • I help individual clients who feel stuck because of struggles with depression, anxiety, and anger pass their obstacles. I help clients alleviate the depression, overcome their fears and soothe their anger, so they can live a more productively fulfilling life with better relationships and careers. I help couples who have grown apart over the years improve their physical and emotional intimacy and help couples rebuild trust because of secrets or lies. 

  • I teach parents how to set firm boundaries with their children and empower them with skillsets to improve communication and openness. I embolden clients by giving them the inside compassion and tools needed to melt their fears, heal their traumas, and let go of past obstacles to build a much stronger supportive system, so that they can fulfill their overall heart’s desires.

Donna Toufer Berns
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